about family

Read an article by Abid Mohammed about being a good sibling & a good daughter and here are some words I love 🙂

“Remind yourself of any good that they have done to you, how it brought a smile to you and how when no one else was there for you, they were. If you find that difficult, then recall the special happiness and love that you have experienced from your older siblings, even if the moments were fleeting. If you really cannot find any such moments, then think about the importance of sticking together as a family.”

“Recognize the opportunity you have to win your parents’ love and affection. Compared to your older siblings, you may have more free time and fewer responsibilities. You are also probably more aware of their likes and dislikes, courtesy of your older siblings being the guinea pigs. Thus you may actually have an advantage in being able to please your parents. They also likely need more help from you now than they did when your older brother or sister was your age, as they have grown older. So whether it means helping around the house more, massaging their feet or simply coming home on time so they don’t have to call you a million times, do not pass up the opportunity to capture their pleasure. As Abdullah bin `Umar (ra) said, by doing so you obtain the pleasure of your Lord: “The pleasure of the Lord lies in the pleasure of the parent. The anger of the Lord lies in the anger of the parent.””

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