Dear Dea,

By now you must have heard of the term “regression to the mean”. Allow me to geek out a bit and talk about this statistical term, no don’t worry, I’m not giving a lecture in statistic. Well, basically, it’s a technical way of saying “things will always even out”. You see? Things can’t always be good, likewise, things can’t always be bad. So when you find yourself at a struggle, think of is as just a dip in the graph.

Maybe, now you’re struggling with dissertation and your company, but only two years ago you were struggling with TA, and 4 years before that, with getting into ITB. Refer back to the mean and you’ll see that. InsyaaAllah your life is ever improving. Besides, life is not about aiming for extreme highs or coping with the extreme lows, life is also about everything in between. When you’re at the bottom, hang on and things will get better. When you’re on top, be humble and make a mental note so that it will always motivates you. Wherever you are, be ever thankful, refer back to the mean.

Lastly, I hope that this talk about statistics could bring you good spirits. I think that if such boring thing as statistics could make you happy, nothing should be able to make you sad. They say that when you’re in pain, learn French, because ‘pain’ in French means ‘bread’. There is almost always a way to look at things from the positive side. You just have to look. Look longer, look deeper, look more.

Good luck, De! Until we meet again!

Until we meet again, Taft!

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