Why He’s Hot:

  1. His voice is a fucking gift from GOD. God was like, oh hey humans are doing very nicely today. I’LL GIVE THEM FUCKING KYUHYUN as their reward. and BAM, the most beautiful voice in the world was created (along with a fantastic everything else).
  2. His awkwardness. Okay, so many will be like, why the fuck is that hot? But this guy can pull it off. Let me ask you this: can YOU look this awkward, and still make anyone within the vicinity of 30 miles want to throw themselves at you? I didn’t think so.
  3. That smile makes The Virgin Mary wish she wasn’t a virgin. Like DAAAMMMNNNN. Just look at it and you will understand. …. I SAID LOOK!!!! (and girls don’t forget the SMIRK. Oh, wipe that drool off)
  4. The way he dances. It’s just overwhelming, whether its the pelvic thrusts, the sexytake-your-clothes-off dance, the infamous finger dance, or this. Oh and the chest pump.
  5. Ugh, must this be the last one? Fine. I guess I’m just gonna have to go with his face and hair (YES THEY’RE ONE QUALITY!). His flawless, beatiful, korean face and that amazing, everchanging hair…  Oh lord, I could look at those perfectly sculpted features for years. YEARS I TELL YOU. He looks great with any hair. Straight black, wavy brown, curly brown – he can even pull off blond and there aren’t many out there that can pull off blond without coming off as a douche. And do I really need to go on about his face? It’s just perfect. Let’s leave it there, because really? If I start talking about so much perfection, the world will blow up.


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